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Do you work for a temporary employment agency that supplies SCC- certified companies with temporary employees? In that case, it is important that both you and the temporary employees should be in possession of the appropriate diplomas.

Diplomas for temporary employment agency staff
Intermediaries and supervisors of temporary employment agencies that supply or second temporary employees to companies with SCC certification must be in possession of an VIL-VCU diploma.

Diplomas for temporary employees
Your clients want all work to be carried out in a safe manner so that no one suffers an accident. They also expect this from the temporary employees you supply. That’s why employees who work for a company with SCC certification must be in possession of the appropriate diplomas.

Basic Elements of Safety SCC (B-SCC)
In principle, temporary employees who start working for a contractor must be in possession of a B-VCA diploma. For instance if they work on a construction site or in a high-risk environment. The B-VCA encompasses knowledge of issues such as the applicable legislation and regulations, how to recognize unsafe situations and actions, and the implementation of measures intended to prevent accidents.

Safety for Operational Supervisors SCC (SOS-SCC)
Operational supervisors must be in possession of an VOL-VCA diploma.
The VOL-VCA diploma encompasses the basic knowledge supplemented by issues such as European directives, SCC certification, the company emergency plan and organizing toolbox meetings.

Equivalent qualifications
In the case of the B-VCA, VOL-VCA and VIL-VCU, Belgian and German certificates, diplomas and testimonials bearing the VCA or SCC registered name/logo are recognized as equivalent. Anyone in possession of an MVK or HVK diploma is exempted from a B-VCA, VOL-VCA or VIL-VCU, subject to the proviso that the holder practices the profession.

SSVV Training Guide
The training courses listed in the 'SSVV Opleidingengids' (SSVV Training Guide) are intended for the certification of employees who carry out specific high-risk tasks, such as recognizing asbestos, performing gas measurements, operating a fork-lift truck or moving loads. For further information on these training courses visit the SSVV Training Guide at the SCC Examination Bank website.

To the SSVV Training Guide (only availible in Dutch)

Further information on diplomas for employees (only availible in Dutch)